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Client Testimonials

"Sara tutored my daughter remotely during Covid school closures. My daughter realized in January that her high school AP Chemistry class would not be able to cover all the material needed for the AP tests. I found out about Sara through Berkeley Parents Network. They met online once a week. After each session Sara wrote me an email with information on what they covered. Sara was also available to my daughter by email or text to answer questions between meetings. Sara is super organized and just a pleasure to work with. She clearly enjoys working with students and has a talent to explain difficult concepts in a very clear way. My daughter even asked Dr. Bourne to cover the last couple of chapters of the AP Chemistry book after the AP exam was over!"

— Yulia, Parent of Virtual Tutoring Client (California)

"Sara is fantastic. My teenager worked with Sara this past year while he was taking AP Chem. He came to her primarily because his teacher was less than clear about her expectations, and as a result, he needed another expert to help him anticipate questions she might ask or how she might grade, and in general, to buoy his confidence. Sara did all of that and more. Each week, they would use their time in whatever way my son needed--complete some of his homework together, review lab write-ups, or do practice problems for his tests. My son always emerged from his sessions with Sara feeling clearer on the concepts and on what his teacher might ask and good about his own comprehension. Going into the AP, he noted that his extra sessions with Sara really gave him the reinforcement he needed. In addition, Sara always kept us updated on how things were going. She proactively sent out summaries of how they used their time together, and would assess for us where she thought our teenager was in terms of both comprehension and morale. We so valued her approach and her positive effect on our son that we’ve already enlisted her help with another child, who will be taking the same course next year!"

— Lisa, Parent of Virtual Tutoring Client (California)

"Sara saved us! Trying to help my high school freshman with Algebra during "Sheltering In Place" wasn't going to happen. She was so patient, explanatory and knowledgeable. My 14 year old was immediately at ease & engaged. I'd recommend Sara to anyone in need of tutoring."

— Kaitlin, Parent of Virtual Tutoring Client (California)

“Sara was super easy to work with, and made time out of her busy schedule to get back to me quickly. She really knew her stuff, and would send me in-depth information and walk-throughs of the material. It can be so nice to have someone else that you can count on for help, and I was definitely able to count on her!”


— Daniel, Virtual Tutoring Client (Illinois)

“I loved having Sara help me with chemistry whenever I was lost. It was super helpful being able to reach out the night before a test and get questions answered quick. It was super convenient and I was so grateful.”

— Julia, Virtual Tutoring Client (New Jersey)

"Sara Bourne of Elite Edge Tutoring is an excellent resource for parents. As a parent of a college freshman who was swamped with all the novelty of college at an elite engineering school, Sara was a reassuring presence. Dr Bourne was there to help decrease the scariness of college level chemistry as the first two semesters came on fast. She is thoughtful, considerate of time, but also capable of motivating for the achievement needed. I remember how challenging college was, particularly the "weed-out" classes. She knows it well today and also knows the best education methods to learn it. Given her breadth of understanding of both chemistry and education, I highly recommend her."

— Dave, Parent of Virtual Tutoring Client (Illinois)

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